Generators and uncapped WIFI
available at all our Hotels

Backup Generators powering all our bedrooms, restaurants and public spaces


Looking for a Hotel with a generator? No need to worry about missing a beat (or Rugby Game), we have you covered with backup power generators at all our Hotels, providing unlimited power supply when loadshedding hits.



Our powerful, pervasive, 1Gb WiFi network is yours to use anytime, anywhere


One of the great advantages of staying in a Century City Hotel – whether your preference is for the buzz of the Urban Square Hotel, or the zen-like tranquillity of Bridgewater Hotel and Bridgewater Apartments – is that the online needs of today’s modern travellers have been thoroughly and thoughtfully addressed.

As the ‘work-from-anywhere’ dynamic gives rise to a new generation of digital nomads, and we witness the advent of the ‘staycation’ as a permanent feature of the new tourism landscape, it is abundantly clear that business, leisure, and the new hybrid ’bleisure’ travellers all share the need for efficient digital communications at the time and the place that suits them.

So we have designed and implemented the most efficient modern communications network available at all three of our establishments.

One Gigabit per second, one to one contention

Based on a powerful fibre-optic backbone and distributed throughout both private and public areas of both our with a really strong and consistent WiFi cloud, our network offers all guests uncapped connectivity at one Gigabit per second and a contention of one to one.

What this means in layman’s terms is unshaped, unthrottled, unfettered lightning quick wireless broadband everywhere – from your room to your balcony, if you have one, to all reception, dining and other public areas of both hotels. So whether you want to watch a movie or a match, upload large graphic files to your company’s server, edit videos online, or just post your latest selfies to your social media platform, you will not have to waste any time watching a buffering signal. Ever.

And to make doubly sure of that, especially during mission-critical podcasts or raving Facebook Live reviews of your stay, you can book a dedicated line with us in advance. No sharing at all!

Power up your device while recharging your own batteries

Of course, to provide this kind of blazing quick broadband without providing comfortable places in which to sit down and plug in your mobile device or your laptop would be rather limiting.

So we have really embraced the need to create work-friendly spaces, both within private rooms and apartments, but also in all public areas. So you’ll find conveniently placed USB and conventional power points throughout both the Urban Square and Bridgewater Hotels. Naturally, this convenience is available to all guests in the Bridgewater Apartments too.

In addition, to the physical infrastructure however, what most guests notice immediately is how this thought process is embedded in both the interior design and the hospitality culture of our dining and lounge areas.

And speaking of power, when you stay with us, load-shedding just does not happen – courtesy of the sophisticated back-up generators in both our hotels.


Pick your preferred seating and desking option

This starts with providing various kinds of seating and decking options strategically scatttered through these warm, human-scale spaces, giving you the freedom to work together with your colleagues around a big table, or the privacy of sitting at a desk with conveniently placed lamp for some solo work.

And whether you want to spend the entire day in one spot – hopefully with an occasional coffee – you will never be pressured into ordering anything at all. It’s completely up to you how you want to enjoy the public spaces we’ve designed to be as warm and welcoming and flexible as you want them to be. Enjoy!


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